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Meth Use SymptomsMeth use symptoms are broad and terribly plentiful. Early symptoms are less severe and can mimic flu-like symptoms and anxiety. As use continues symptoms increase and are more long-term and detrimental to the user. Overdose is common with this highly addictive drug.

Meth use symptoms in its early stages may show the user to be in a euphoric or paranoid state. Their activity may be increased and eye movement may become rapid. It is not uncommon for a user to have bouts of anxiety with shaky hands or nervous and incessant talking. Their appetite may decrease while their body temperature increases, pupils dilate, and the user perspires unnecessarily. Spotting an early meth user is more difficult than spotting a more advanced addict.

Meth Use Symptoms Over Time

As time progresses meth use symptoms become more apparent and less transient. Weight loss may set in along with a strong body odor and dark under eye circles. The skin may suffer by becoming itchy as the complexion becomes pale and acne ridden. Moods will become more unstable. Depression, mood swings, and violence may ensue. Nose bleeds and lack of personal hygiene is common.

Meth use symptoms in advanced stages may exhibit the user with extreme weight and hair loss, discolored, rotten and possibly missing teeth. Ulcerations may appear on the skin. Severe mental symptoms may occur with auditory and visual hallucinations, anger, panic, and paranoia.

Hard To Tell When It’s Too Late

In some cases, meth overdose can occur at relatively low levels. There is no way of knowing how much meth is safe since strength will vary from batch to batch. Signs of overdose include high fever, rapid breathing, profuse sweating, seeing spots, and confusion. Blood pressure and body temperature may increase to dangerous levels and increase the chance of a heart attack, stroke, or coma drastically. Cardiovascular collapse and death is a strong possibility.

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