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Most meth users will experience numerous meth symptoms. Meth will alter the user’s mood in a number of different ways; this is depending on howMeth Symptoms the person takes the drug. As soon as the drug is intravenously injected or as soon as it is smoked he or she will experience a strong and intense rush that usually lasts a couple of minutes, and most users say it is a very extreme pleasure. Injecting and smoking are the fastest way to produce meth symptoms, most of the time within five to ten seconds. Ingesting and snorting meth orally will produce euphoria. This is high, but it is not an intense rush. Snorting meth will produce symptoms usually within three to five minutes, and if an individual ingests it orally the symptoms can last fifteen to twenty minutes.

Do You Know Someone With Meth Symptoms?

All forms of meth will stimulate the central nervous system. The symptoms with meth can last from four to 24 hours. After using meth for a long period of time, it can change the brain fundamentally and in long lasting ways. Meth can kill a person by causing heart failure, stroke, and brain damage. Here are some meth symptoms that affect the central nervous system. They are paranoia, increased physical activity, increased alertness, euphoria, irritability, insomnia, decreased appetite, athetosis, extreme nervousness, anxiety, convulsions, aggression, tremors, and confusion.

Some other physical symptoms include dizziness, acne, respiratory disorders, sweating, sores, tooth grinding, dry or itchy skin, numbness, pupil dilation, impaired speech, and loss of appetite.

If you or someone you know has meth symptoms, please seek help immediately; call one of our addiction treatment professionals today.

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