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Meth Side EffectsThere are dangerous, damaging meth side effects. Long and short term side effects depend on how long the person has been addicted, as they can cross an addiction point of no return. The person who has an addiction of methamphetamines and wants off should be in a monitored rehabilitation facility due to the seriousness of withdrawal and the methamphetamine side effects.

Short Term Meth Side Effects

Some short term methamphetamine side effects can include pupils that look dilated, anxiety, restlessness, inability to sleep, a feeling of jubilance, a feeling that one can go on forever without rest, attention is at the maximum, respiratory rate may increase along with a palpitating feeling in the heart. Generally the body core temperature will raise, the person may not feel hungry maybe due in part to a sensation of nausea, and diarrhea may be present. Jaw clenching may be present, along with body tremors. The person may show signs of sexual climax problems and increases in libido. Even though these short term methamphetamine side effects sound bad, they will not compare with the long term side effects that one can encounter with meth use. Many addicted to meth will have a chance to reverse short term side effects.

Long Term Methamphetamine Side Effects

Methamphetamine Side EffectsSome long term meth side effects include a feeling of paranoia with psychosis. The person may experience hallucinations, delusions, and behaviors may become obsessive and compulsive. Long term use can have non reversing side effects to the brain such as memory loss and brain damage. The person can have triggers set off aggressive or violent behavior they cannot control, displaying an unstable mood. They will have no appetite and will lose a lot of weight over time. Some can die from hypothermia, because it can destroy the body’s ability to control internal temperatures. Meth side effects can lead to cardiac failure.

Rehabilitation and Treatment

If you or someone you love are displaying any of these methamphetamine side effects, please contact our treatment professionals right away for help. One of our counselors will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about addiction or rehabilitation.

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