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Meth addiction is a drug epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Law enforcement reports record levels of arrests and busts of those involved inMeth Addiction the manufacture, sale, and use of methamphetamine (a.k.a. “speed”, “crank”, “crystal”). Meth addiction and sales is a multi-billion dollar industry. Those who manufacture meth must literally set up chemical factories. The chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine are extremely toxic and corrosive. How many meth addicts, when snorting or shooting meth, know that they are ingesting drain opener, or lye, into their bodies? When the law enforcement authorities bust a meth lab, the police must wear full HAZMAT suits for protection!

Meth Addiction is Incredibly Destructive

There are many community projects now that show real-life examples of people who have become addicted to meth. Their teeth fall out and there are sores and blotches all over their bodies. The full image of a crank addict is something right out of a horror film! Unfortunately, people only see the immediate effects of their meth use, and not the long-term affects of meth addiction. Girls and women may take meth as a form of dieting because meth does suppress the appetite. In fact, heavy meth users may not eat for days. It is not uncommon for meth addicts to stay awake for three and four days at a time. After that period, there is an extreme “crash” phase, where the user sleeps for long periods of time and is very lethargic.

Addiction Can Destroy One’s Health, Family, and Job

Heavy former users of speed and crank will tell you, “Speed kills“. And indeed it does. Meth destroys one’s health, family, and job and can have a negative impact on society as a whole. For these reasons, meth addicts should seek professional help as soon as possible in order to break their chemical addiction before it’s too late.

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