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Meth abuse is common and widespread around the country.  As soon as the user takes the drug, he or she will experience a very intense rush. Meth Meth Abusewill increase your alertness, energy, concentration, and can induce euphoria when taken in high doses. Meth abuse can cause physical effects such as dry mouth, dilated pupils, anorexia, restlessness, headache, hyperactivity, flushing, diarrhea, hypothermia, hypertension, insomnia, constipation, dizziness, blurred vision, twitching and numbness. With chronic use or very high doses heart attacks, strokes, convulsions, and even death can occur.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Meth Abuse

Meth abuse can have some serious withdrawal symptoms which can consist of depression, fatigue, and excessive sleeping.   Usually the symptoms will last a few days when the person has occasional use. However, if the user had chronic use,  the symptoms can last for weeks and sometime even months. Other withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, anxiety, irritability, akathisia, vivid dreams, and agitation.  Meth is also associated with depression, heart disease, and even suicide.

Methamphetamine Abuse is Widespread

Methamphetamine abuse is high today, because it is very addictive. It is common for meth users to lose their teeth abnormally fast. This is a condition known as “meth mouth“. Meth is made very easily and it is inexpensive. Most people make it at their homes, basements, or garages; and they use over the counter ingredients. Because it is so inexpensive and easy to make, meth abuse is widespread.

Meth is a very addictive drug. If you or somebody you know has a problem with methamphetamine abuse, please contact one of our professional counselors at Stop Your Addiction toll-free today, and get the help that is desperately needed.

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