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If you or a loved one is using meth, it is important to know all the information you can about meth. Methamphetamine can be made easily in laboratories with About Methinexpensive ingredients that are sold over the counter. When these ingredients are combined it makes methamphetamine; and this is a drug that has a high potential for widespread abuse. This drug is a very strong, as well as a very addictive, stimulant that will severely affect your central nervous system almost the way that adrenaline does. Methamphetamine is commonly called chalk, speed, and ice. It comes in many forms which can be snorted, smoked, ingested orally or injected. This drug will change the moods of the user different ways, depending on the forms and about meth intake methods.

About Meth Side-Effects

It is also important to know about meth side-effects. Effects of methamphetamine usually last six to eight hours. Once the initial rush is over some may become very agitated; and in some people this may cause them to have violent behavior. Soon after the addict smokes or injects the drug he or she will have a very strong rush that will last only a few minutes and is described to be very pleasurable. Methamphetamine abuse has some immediate short-term effects. Some are increased physical activity and a decrease in appetite. Abuse also has some long-term effects and can result in some damaging effects such as stroke or heart attack.

A tolerance for methamphetamine will develop with chronic use. In order to intensify the effects, addicts will take a higher dose and more often; or they will change the method of their drug intake.  After a while, the meth will take over the addict’s life. Their only thoughts will be about meth and how to obtain their next amount of methamphetamines which will most likely include lying and stealing.

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