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There are programs available for treating marijuana addiction. Since marijuana is known as a gateway drug to other drugs, many who use marijuana are also addicted to another substance or substances as well.  Here are a few options for treating marijuana addiction.

Behavioral Treatment – Treating Marijuana Addiction

Treating Marijuana AddictionSupport Groups: These types of groups are now available for just marijuana addiction.  Before, there were general support groups that the focus could not be solely on helping the person quit marijuana addiction.

Counseling Marijuana Addiction and Therapy

One-on-One Counseling: This type of therapy is very effective and works on a one-on-one level with a counselor working at an individual level with the addict.  One-on-one counseling can allow rationality to become a factor in treatment.  The counselor assists the addict with rational reason for quitting the addiction to marijuana.  The counselor also offers an ear to talk about what to expect when quitting and the withdrawal symptoms that may be involved.  Therefore, allowing the addict to prepare for what may be next in their recovery.  A counselor can also participate in relapse prevention, coping skills, and other treatment options for treating marijuana addiction.

Residential Treatment Facilities

There are several options available at established residential treatment facilities.  Most people addicted to marijuana are also addicted to other substances as well; therefore, if anyone is dealing with an intense addiction to marijuana, a detox facility may be able to assist with the ceasing of the use of marijuana.  Entering into a residential treatment facility removes the addict from their normal drug using environment.  This step will help them get clean and stay clean.  Since residential treatment facilities are usually run by medically and psychologically trained professionals, this can also help the addict with preventing depression.  Because marijuana is considered by many a gateway drug, people may be using other drugs as well.  It is important to remember that treatment will be needed for the abuse of the other drugs.

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