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Marijuana addiction symptoms are widely categorized because the person addicted to marijuana is probably addicted to another substance as well, however, some signs to look out for are as follows.

Common Marijuana Addiction Symptoms

Marijuana Addiction SymptomsSomeone who has marijuana addiction could display the following behaviors:

  • Begins spending a large portion of time thinking about marijuana.
  • Only focuses on getting the drug and finding way to afford the drug.
  • Begins using larger amounts to feel the same effects of the initial dose.
  • Begins to have a hard time remembering events in their life.
  • Has a difficult time learning new skills or creating new ideas.
  • Displays difficulty with adapting to new environment changes appropriately.
  • Has feelings of hopelessness, depression or emptiness.
  • Displays anxiety without the use of the drug.
  • May become involved in multiple accidents (motor vehicle or workplace).
  • Develops bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, lung cancer, or respiratory tract infections.
  • May be irritable, angry, or display mood swings.
  • Exhibits restlessness, lack of appetite, or anorexia.
  • Displays physical tension.
  • Complains of frequent stomach pains.
  • Insomnia and may experience strange dreams.
  • Develops increased aggression.

Get Help If You or a Loved One is Displaying Symptoms

It is widely believed that a person cannot become addicted to marijuana, but the truth is they can develop an emotional dependence on the drug.  If you are worried about your marijuana habits or would like more information on treating marijuana addiction or marijuana addiction symptoms, call today and let one of our addiction treatment counselors give you the facts you need.

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