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If you know someone suffering from the effects of marijuana, we are here to help them with their path to recovery. Marijuana is an illegal drug that is commonly used. It is most commonly smoked, but can be added to food and eaten. Marijuana affects the user both mentally and physically.  These effects can come on almost immediately and will last a few hours.

Do You Know Someone Suffering From The Effects Of Marijuana?

Effects of MarijuanaMarijuana effects many aspects of the body. Some common side effects that people experience when taking the drug are rapid heart rate, dry mouth and red eyes. These physical side effects can become a problem if they last for too long. Other physical side effects of marijuana are increased hunger and slowed reaction and motor skills. Having slowed reactions is where most people notice problems. They are not able to react under pressure and this can cause serious problems to occur.

Mental effects of marijuana go hand-in-hand with the physical ones. Rapid heart rate and slowed reaction can lead to paranoia. This is one of the most common effects. Other mental effects include anxiety, depression, short-term memory loss and loss of time. Since the body is reacting slower, you will feel like the time is going by a lot more quickly than it really is.

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Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States. It causes many different physical and mental side effects. If used for an extended period of time, the effects can become more common and intense. The side effects can also cause more health and mental problems including extreme depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Being aware of the effects of marijuana and not using the substance will help prevent these problems from occurring.

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