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Kadian, also known as morphine, is prescribed to someone who has ongoing, severe pain that occurs with chronic diseases such as cancer.  This medication belongs to the same drug class as opiates. It works by changing how the brain looks at pain and how the body feels.  Because of the highly addictive nature of this medication, it should not be used for someone who has mild pain or pain that will probably go away in a matter of days.

Kadian is an opioid drug that falls into a schedule ll category of controlled substances. It is a very potent opiate analgesic drug. This means that it is highly addictive and is dispensed by physicians with the knowledge that patients may become addicted, so a watchful eye is open. The medication in Kadian is a time-release formula that is convenient in the fact that less pills are needed to get the same results.

KadianAddiction to Kadian is similar to addiction with other opioids, but Kadian is more highly addictive, although the symptoms of withdrawal experienced are similar. One who is experiencing an addiction to this drug, which is morphine based, will likely notice irregular or slowed heartbeat, slowness of respiratory function, seizures, confusion, weakness, and dizziness. Any, or all of these symptoms may occur if abusing Kadian.

Allergic reactions may also occur. This makes street use very dangerous. Overdosing on this medication can be very serious and even fatal. Because of the addictive traits of morphine, even short-term users may require a rehabilitation program to recover.

Because the design of Kadian is for rapid release, if the pills are chewed or snorted, overdosing is a strong possibility. Kadian is a fast acting drug, and binds itself strongly to the receptors in the nervous system which can in turn cause a stronger addiction than with other opioids.

If Kadian addiction is happening to you, or anyone that you know, considering treatment is your first priority. The sooner you get help, the easier the process will be. It is our primary goal to guide you to safe recovery and assist you in getting your life back to it’s normal state.

Our professional and compassionate staff will organize a personalized program that will suit all of your Kadian rehabilitation needs.

Do You Know Someone Addicted?

KadianKadian is not made to be used as needed like other prescription medications.  It’s to be taken on regularly scheduled basis directed and monitored by your physician.  This drug is normally prescribed to take only once or twice in a 24-hour time period, with or without food.  Kadian dosage is determined based on the individual’s medical condition and how their body responds to treatment.  Dosage does not need to be increased or taken any longer or more frequently than prescribed.

If you have been on Kadian for a long period of time, or have been on a high dosage, withdrawal symptoms can occur if you suddenly stop using Kadian.  Some of those symptoms include nausea, restlessness, sweating, watery eyes, muscle aches, or a runny nose.  To prevent these symptoms, your physician will gradually reduce the amount of Kadian you are using.

Prevent Kadian Addiction

Opiate Addiction to this type of drug might not be as rare as other types of drugs, but if it is prescribed to someone who knows they have had a drug or alcohol addiction they should let the doctor know at once.  Also, if this prescribed medication stops working  or you see its not giving you the same relief, then contact your doctor, don’t ever take extra.  This will only cause more issues with your health and can cause an addiction.  If you have gotten to this point, you should seek professional treatment right away.

With most opiate-based addictions such as Kadian or morphine, successful recovery is dependent on the individual making a firm commitment to be drug-free and then enrolling in an inpatient rehabilitation center where all the physical, emotional, environmental or spiritual aspects of addiction can be treated simultaneously to ensure a lasting recovery.

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