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Hydromorphine is a very strong analgesic drug from the opioid class with its growing popularity hydromorphine addiction is becoming more and more of a problem. Hydromorphine is used as a substitute for morphine and is  used worldwide for the relief of chronic pain. It is known to be three times stronger than morphine, with a low risk of dependence and is considered the better choice for treatment of severe pain.

Side Effects Of Hydromorphine Addiction

There are some adverse side-effects experienced with the use of hydromorphine. Some of the side-effects include dizziness, nausea, itching, Hydromorphine Addictionsweating, constipation, lightheaded, sedation, and vomiting.

Withdrawal symptoms from hydromorphine can be intense and may last up to two weeks. The most common symptoms include cold sweats, vomiting, body cramps, diarrhea, muscle pain, constant shaking, and insomnia. Caution is advised when using Hydromorphine.

Hydromorphine is a very strong pain killer and is used when a patient has built up a resistance to other painkillers, but it has been proven to be very addictive when misused or abused, which makes it a big problem for many people. Even with medical supervision, hydromorphine may cause a very strong dependency problem with many people.

Addiction to This Drug Can Be Deadly

Hydromorphine addiction and abuse is not just a problem for teenagers but adults have died or been treated for prescription drug abuse. Those who abuse or are addicted to hydromorphine will practice “doctor shopping” in order to obtain several prescriptions. Others will resort to more illegal means such as purchasing from street dealers.

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Some patients who use hydromorphine legally will become addicted, no matter how careful he or she and their doctor are with their pain management. If you need help with Hydromorphine addiction, seek help from an addiction treatment center today.

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