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Hot IceHot ice is a common street name used when referring to the drug known as meth (methamphetamine). This drug is the most addictive drug known in the illegal drug trade market in America today, and is costing thousands of people their lives every year in America alone.

The largest “plus” that comes to mind when a person begins using hot ice is that this drug causes your mental thinking to change, and makes you actually feel good and confident.  For someone who is not used to feeling happy, confident, and able to conquer the world, hot ice is their new solution to a better life; or is it?

Hot Ice Influences Decay

Studies have shown that hot ice affects your mental thinking far beyond what a normal person can imagine.  Yes, whenever you are under the influence of this drug you do feel on top of the world, but as soon as you come down from your high you will experience side effects such as depression, suicide, and severe withdrawal effects.

Also, users that abuse methamphetamine on a regular basis no longer concern themselves with their physical appearance or even their physical health; they only want to get the drugs needed to help them remain confident and in their eyes, beautiful.  Because of this, hot ice users experience problems with their physical health within one to two months of when the use begins such as tooth decay, poor quality looking hair, sores all over their body, and nail loss.  He or she will no longer look, and soon enough, feel as if they are the most beautiful, confident individuals that they know.  (See: meth mouth, crank bugs)

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Do not let yourself or your loved one fall victim to the effects of hot ice and the mental damage that it will cause in the long run.  Contact us today to begin planning your journey or your loved one’s journey towards a life free from addiction.

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