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It is imperative to first ask yourself “what are the signs of heroin abuse?”  when considering sending a friend or loved one to an inpatient rehab center for heroin use.

Tell-Tale Signs of Heroin Abuse

Signs Of Heroin AbuseClients who are using heroin will often feel and exhibit the “downer” effect that offers feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Heroin produces these feelings due to the chemical it contains that affects the brain’s pleasure centers. Furthermore, the drug can cause clients to feel “pain-free” due to the drug’s effect on the brain.

In the beginning, heroin users may be able to disguise the symptoms; however, over time the following signs may appear:

  • Disorientation
  • Dry mouth
  • Small pupils
  • Shortness of breath
  • Abrupt changes in behavior

Evidence and Signs

Although the above symptoms are common to clients using heroin, it’s possible for an individual to display them without using heroin.

However, the following signs relating to tools needed to take the drug are common among clients who use heroin:

  • Water and other types of pipes
  • Needles and or syringes
  • Burned silver spoons
  • Burn marks on straws

Additional behavioral signs of heroin abuse may include:

  • Distant field of vision
  • Deceptive behavior
  • Increase in sleeping time
  • Incoherent and or slurred speech
  • Loss of interest in personal appearance and hygiene
  • Motivation loss
  • Bad performance at work and or school
  • In constant need of money
  • Anti-social
  • Wearing clothing to hide needle marks
  • Deterioration of family relations

Over time, clients build resistance to heroin. As a result, they may start taking more of the drug.

If such a thing occurs, additional signs of heroin use can include:

  •  Loss of weight
  •  Needle marks
  • A constant runny nose
  • Scabs from picking at the skin

Any of these symptoms may indicate that a friend or loved one is displaying signs of heroin abuse and should be checked into an inpatient rehab center immediately to begin heroin detox and rehabilitation.

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