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Inpatient heroin rehab is one of the most successful treatment options for those seeking to beat their heroin addiction. Heroin addiction is one of the toughest to beat because of its high addiction rates. Inpatient requires a recovering addict to stay in a treatment facility for a duration of time. Typically, an inpatient rehab program is five to seven days. Long-term inpatient programs can last up to 90 days. These programs treat the cravings, psychological issues, and help implement relapse prevention strategies.

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Heroin RehabThere are several approaches to addiction treatment for a person with a heroin addiction. One of the first actions during heroin rehab is to assist in the detox and withdrawal process. This process completely removes the drugs from the system and helps clients deal with symptoms of withdrawal. After detoxing, a holistic approach is taken. Physicians and therapists at rehab centers implement several elements in the treatment process. These treatment steps include behavioral therapy, counseling, and dual-diagnosis counseling. Behavioral therapy addresses the recovering addict’s habits and shows them how to get through life without drugs. Dual-diagnosis deals with the physical and mental aspects of addiction. There may be some mental problem that existed in the client before the addiction took place. This approach takes into consideration how addiction affects the body and mind as one unit. Counseling is another aspect of the holistic approach. Counseling helps to recover addicts see and understand how their addiction affects the lives of their friends, loved ones, and others they encounter in life.

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Heroin rehabilitation is a grueling process that takes time, effort, and a solid support system. Inpatient rehab is one of the strongest ways to combat a heroin addiction. Heroin rehab combines several treatment methods that help the client along with the path to recovery.

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