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Garbage is a street name, or slang, for Meth (methamphetamine).  Increased alertness, energy, and concentration are a few common immediate side effects of the drug.  It is a man-made drug produced in home labs throughout the globe. These labs are shut down by government funded programs in massive numbers every year, but unfortunately, the producers have such a high demand they just move their meth lab to another facility.

Some History On Garbage

GarbageIt was first developed in 1919 in Japan and was originally used in the military to help keep bombers awake for the long flights that they had to endure while serving their counties. After years 1919-1970, garbage was finally controlled through the Controlled Substance Act, but because this drug now was no longer available in large doses to your average person, new ways to create garbage were discovered. This is the point in “methamphetamine history” whenever this highly potent drug took its final turn for the worst.

People began to create it without a care for the chemicals used in the process which are:

  • Gasoline
  • Ephedrine
  • Ammonia
  • Battery acid

These are just a few of the commonly used products used to create it. As many people know, these chemicals are for the most part highly dangerous to a person’s health, and deadly in even the most minuscule amounts. There have been reports of people using garbage and taking one too many hits, and not even making it to the hospital before dying.

Don’t End Up Wasting Away With Addiction or Abuse

Do not let yourself become another statistic due to your addiction to meth. Get help for your addiction today before you suffer from side effects that are not only life-altering, but life ending.  For more information about garbage or to begin planning your methamphetamine addiction recovery program today, contact one of our addiction treatment counselors toll-free now.

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