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EcstasyAlso known as MDMA (or for those more curious, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), Ecstasy belongs to a class of drugs known as amphetamines (as seen in the extensive scientific name). This drug is known to cause a sense of euphoria and makes the user feel more intimate with others than they may otherwise feel when not under the influence, as well as reduced anxiety. Studies have shown that Ecstasy can be used in psychological therapy and has been in the past, but the risks now outweigh the dangers of the drug.

Ecstasy, Its Make-up, and Effects

The chemical formula for Ecstasy is C11H15NO2, which means a molecule of the of the drug contains 11 carbon atoms, 15 hydrogen atoms, one nitrogen atom, and two oxygen atoms. As you can see, it’s a very large molecule. While this might not mean much to the average person, let us suffice to say that this leaves lots of space for the drug to react with the human body. For example, after a person comes off the high the drug gives, they can experience a number of negative effects such as anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, and impaired concentration. One might even suffer from insomnia, dizziness, or jaw soreness after ingesting a small amount of MDMA.

Overuse of Ecstasy can cause the body temperature to rise to dangerous levels, inducing a condition known as hypothermia, which is often found in those that spend too much time in the hot sun! Chronic use can result in increased rates and frequency of depression and anxiety, even in those that have since quit the drug. Memory is severely impaired as well in those that continuously use Ecstasy.

Users of MDMA need to know more about Ecstasy and the risks associated with its use.  This drug is a synthetic, psychoactive, neurotoxin that has a structure similar to that of stimulants such as Cocaine or hallucinogens like LSD.  Ecstasy is a club drug that can be easily found at raves, nightclubs, and all night dance parties.  MDMA is highly addictive and can cause traumatic effects on the lives of those that become addicted.

More About Ecstasy

More About EcstasyEcstasy is most often found in the form of a tablet or pill.  While it does come in powder form that can be smoked or snorted, it is rarely injected and mostly ingested orally.  The pills come in a variety of colors and shapes and will have some type of imprint on them.  Ecstasy is known by a number of street names including XTC, X, Versace, the hug drug, the love pill, and numerous others.

The effects of MDMA will begin anywhere from a half hour to an hour after ingestion and can last for several hours.  The euphoric rush that is often felt will be followed by a feeling of calm and a sense of well-being with those around them.  There is also a heightened perception of color and sound.  Ecstasy can also have stimulant-like effects giving a rush of energy as well as some hallucinogenic effects.  Ecstasy can also make a user feel sick and experience a stiffening of the arms, legs, and particularly the jaw.  Some other negative effects may include thirst, paranoia, and depression.  The mass amount of energy and sleeplessness will allow many users to party for several days at a time without getting tired.

As the user gets more tolerant of the effects of Ecstasy, they may develop a tolerance for the drug.  This can cause them to take as many as ten pills or more at a time to keep up their high while taking follow-up doses throughout the night.  Slowly their life itself becomes more about ecstasy.

Its Random Chemical

Ecstasy is not cheap being found at $15 to $25 a hit in many areas and more than that for the more remote areas.  The purity is hard to control and regulate with many mixing various other drugs such as meth, LSD, Ketamine, or DXM (Dextromethorphan) if there is a low supply.  Ecstasy is rarely used alone and is more often found with other substances.  Those that frequent the parties where Ecstasy is found, can find many other drugs at their disposal.  This can often lead to overdose situations that can be dangerous or deadly.

Ecstasy addiction and abuse are dangerous and potentially fatal.  There is help for those that suffer from this disease.  Addiction can ruin a person’s life leaving a path of chaos and damaged relationships.  Finding the help that you may need for recovery is a phone call away.  Our licensed addiction counselors can help you learn more about MDMA, answer questions you may have, and develop treatment programs that can help you to a life of freedom and relief from addiction.

MDMA Addiction

MDMA addiction occurs across the country as it is one of the most abused drugs in the United States by teens. The feeling of self-confidence is a major reason why it is so popular as well as the reason because the drug gives you feelings such as relaxation and happiness. Some side effects of ecstasy even after one use include aches and pains, exhaustion, confusion, insomnia, and impaired attention. If it becomes an addiction side effects can include dead, stroke, coma, and brain damage.

More Information About Ecstasy and Addiction Treatment

Find out more about the drug Ecstasy and its effects, as well as information regarding treatment for ecstasy addiction by contacting a professional rehabilitation counselor today.

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