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Drug EffectsAddiction occurs when an individual continues to use a  substance despite the drug effects that it may have on their life. If you are abusing drugs or alcohol you may find that your friends and family members ignore you or constantly comment about your drug abuse or substance abuse. You may find that things that were once terribly important to you now take a backseat to your drug and alcohol use and that your job is in jeopardy as a result of your addiction. Perhaps you feel that your life is spiraling out of control. Maybe you have tried other forms of addiction treatment but weren’t able to accept that form into your life. Maybe you feel that there is no way out drug effects, abuse and addiction…but there is. Once you can admit to your addiction and seek help, your recovery process can begin.

“If the addict isn’t receptive to a particular type of addiction treatment program, then that program will probably be ineffective.”

Individualized Programs

Because every addict responds differently to treatment, there is not one single approach to treatment that will work for everyone.  A comprehensive program will include options such as 12-steps, faith-based or traditional methods.  One of the more promising and effective treatment options is the holistic approach that takes a more natural, whole person approach toward recovery.  Clients have been more receptive to and more inclined to remain in a program which is designed around their specific needs.

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Our addiction treatment program is an open-ended, inpatient addiction treatment program that is flexible enough to give clients the time they need to complete the program.  The basic stay is usually 30 – 90 days, but can be extended.  Our addiction treatment solution offers the expertise of treatment professionals from a variety of modalities to better serve our clients needs.  The main goal of this approach is to help each client trust our ability to guide them through recovery in a respectful, compassionate manner.  We seek to teach them about drug effects and provide the training and guidance to help them heal mentally, physically and spiritually for a more lasting recovery.

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