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Crystal methamphetamine, shortened to crystal meth, is a methamphetamine drug when it’s in crystalline form. It may also be known as crank, glass, crystal, meth, ice, or speed. It is usually smoked; but may also be injected, snorted or even swallowed.

Reasons Abusers Use Crystal Methamphetamine

Crystal MethamphetamineThere are several different reasons for using crystal methamphetamine. Many people, especially females, use it in order to lose weight. Using it can cause extreme rapid weight loss and for that reason, many people who want to lose weight or even those who have an eating disorder, use crystal meth for that reason. Although crystal methamphetamine causes rapid weight loss, the weight loss begins slowing down after about six weeks of use. This causes many individuals to begin using more of it in hopes of continuing to lose weight rapidly. Also, any weight lost due to the use of it is gained back almost immediately after the individual stops using the drug.

Another reason many people use it, is because the high is a very long lasting high. One can remain high from the use of it for up to twelve hours, which is unlike many other street drugs. Crystal methamphetamine is also used by some individuals as a stimulant because it gives the user a large amount of energy while also suppressing his or her appetite.

Side Effects

Crystal meth has many side effects, most of which are immediate. A few of these side effects are diarrhea, nausea, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, anxiety, agitation, and loss of appetite. Chronic crystal methamphetamine users may be affected by such side effects as brain damage, feeling like their skin is crawling, hallucinations, and even death due to cardiac arrest or stroke. It is a very dangerous and even deadly drug that is starting to be used more and more.

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