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CrankThe drug often referred to on the street as “crank” has been growing in popularity, and this is a very bad thing for many reasons. This drug causes a very intense high that carries very intense, negative health effects. This is one of those drugs that can not only destroy the body, but also the mind. At our facility, we are no strangers to the drug known as crank.

Crank in the Kitchen, Recipe for Destruction

The street term “crank” is most commonly used to refer to a very powerful form of speed that falls into the category of being a methamphetamine. Methamphetamine drugs are chemically altered drugs that can be brewed in a kitchen with the right equipment (that is sold at common stores) by a person with a little chemical know how and the right recipe. It is also important to mention that a “meth lab” poses the risk of catching on fire, so any “meth lab” set up in a home owner’s kitchen is posing the most serious type of risk to the inhabitants of the home.

CrankThis type of drug has an effect on the user that keeps them awake or “amped” for up to several days at a time. The user uses this substance not only to stay awake for extended periods, but because of how it makes them feel. Using is quite a rush for the user at first. However, many users do not see the type of very extensive damage that these types of drugs do to the heart and vascular system. Crank users can suffer from heart attacks, strokes, body sores (crank bugs), and especially aneurysms. An aneurysm can cause immediate death with no warning signs.

Effects on the Mind

Some of the most dangerous effects that these drugs are associated with are the effects that they have on a user’s mind. These often go overlooked as they are typically associated with many years of extended use. A long term crank user can wind up being legally insane for the rest of their life if they wait too long to quit.

For more information about crank and the dangers associated with it, or addiction treatment, please contact one of our highly skilled professionals today.

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