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Many people view crack as cocaine’s bigger sister because it’s considered to be far more potent. In technical terms, it is the crystallized version of powdered cocaine. It is sold to buyers in solid crystals. The color of it can vary; it might be white, pale rose, or yellow.

The purity of it can range from 75 to 100 percent. Most people who use it prefer to smoke it because it reaches theCrack brain very quickly. When compared with cocaine, there is much more use associated with it

The high produced from using it comes on immediately after it’s smoked, and it’s a very intense high. When a drug is smoked, the onset of addiction is usually much faster. Smoking crack enables users to obtain a high that is nearly instant, but the high doesn’t last nearly as long as other routes of administration.

Unfortunately, many people become addicted to it after their first time using the drug. The cost associated with cocaine is very high, which is why many people view it as a drug for the rich.

However, it is very affordable, and it’s sold at prices that are even cheap enough for teenagers to afford. However, once a person becomes addicted to crack, it won’t matter how cheap the drug is.

A Look Into Crack Statistics

Each year, the court system finds thousands of individuals guilty of crack-cocaine possession. While many individuals are also convicted of cocaine possession, much more are found guilty of possessing cocaine.

An interesting fact is that a large portion of individuals convicted of possessing crack is also found guilty of drug trafficking. The crack problem in America is widespread, but the issue is quite different in Europe.

The majority of users in Europe are minorities, who’re unemployed and live in large, poor cities. In Europe, crack only represents about 2 percent of all drug users. The picture is much different in America. During 2014, almost 10 million Americans said they’ve used crack.

About 7 percent of the same group of individuals said they’ve also used cocaine. Today, it use has become such a massive problem that even kids in middle school are using the drug.

In 2014, about 200,000 ER admissions involved the use of it. The problem is that crack is a very selfish drug. It quickly takes over a person’s life, and it doesn’t take long for addiction to set in.

Most users report that the cravings they have for crack are huge, and since the high doesn’t last very long, users end up using the drug far more frequently.

What Makes It So Addictive?

There are several reasons why it is a very addictive drug. In terms of illegal drugs, crack is one of the most powerful. It’s known for producing a very powerful psychological dependence.

It stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, which is what keeps users hooked. When compared with other drugs, crack causes a much stronger sensation of euphoria, so users get a false sense of well-being and want to continue using the drug. At some point, users because so addicted that they need the drug in their system to survive.

Compulsive use is a major problem, and it develops quickly after a person starts using the drug. The major cause of compulsive crack user is the fact that it enters the bloodstream very quickly when it’s smoked. A person develops a tolerance to crack very quickly.

As the tolerance gets worse, the crack user no longer experiences the same high from the same amount of the drug, so they must start using more of the drug to get high.

The Devastating Effects of Crack

The long-term effects of crack use are devastating. The high that is produced doesn’t last very long, and it’s followed by a severe sensation of depression.

After the drug wears off, the user feels edgy and begins to crave the drug again. Since crack is a powerful stimulant, it can cause users to stay up for days. Most of users don’t get enough nutrition or sleep, so they’re malnourished and sleep deprived.

These conditions can cause severe damage to the body. Convulsions, muscle spasms, and increased heart rate are some of the effects of crack use. This drug can make a person feel anxious, hostile, angry and paranoid.

When the drug is used for a long period of time, these issues can persist even when the individual is no longer high. A major problem is that a lot of crack users believe they can use the drug occasionally and avoid serious side effects.

While there might be some truth to this theory, every instance of use increases the risk of sudden death, respiratory failure, seizure, stroke or heart attack.

There are countless health risks associated with crack use. It’s not uncommon for crack users to mix it with other drugs, which greatly increases the risk of severe complications. Dealers are known to mix a variety of harmful chemicals with crack, so when the drug is burned, it releases many toxic fumes.

Most crack pipes are very small because the smoke doesn’t stay potent for very long, which puts the user at risk for blistered, cracked lips and several other issues. Lung damage, lung bleeding, shortness of breath and coughing are all long-term dangers of its use.

Getting Professional Help

If you or someone you know is addicted to this drug, it’s important to seek professional help with addiction treatment. Without professional help, it will quickly ruin your life.

One of the best forms of drug treatment is inpatient care. It’s a powerful treatment option and comes with a wide range of benefits. Inpatient care provides nutritious meals, clean living, and professional counseling.

It also removes you from all negative influences, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to people who’re likely to cause you to start using crack again. Inpatient care has the highest success rate when it comes to effective, lasting recovery.

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