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Crack Cocaine AddictionCrack cocaine is a widely used powerful drug that is easily addictive, it is important for those with a crack cocaine addiction to seek crack cocaine addiction treatment.

There are an estimated 1-2 million people with a possible addiction to crack in the US needing crack cocaine addiction treatment. Since crack is absorbed into the body rapidly and at high levels the possibility of addiction or overdose is high. Crack affects the nervous and autonomic nervous systems. Crack cocaine is processed by freebasing, this is where the cocaine powder is added to either ammonia or sodium to create a rock or powder that can be smoked or snorted. The name “crack” comes from the sound the chemical makes when it is heated.

Why Is Getting Help For Crack Cocaine Addiction Important?

The intense high only last 10-20 minutes but its effects are felt almost immediately. A crack addict will experience euphoria, increased energy, and heightened pleasure. But once these feelings begin to subside the user will feel depressed, irritable, paranoid or have violent behavior. Individuals addicted to crack will continue to seek the drug to avoid the down side of the effects. Most crack users have a history of using other illegal substances which will further complicate the recovery process. Crack users may have a more difficult time trying to stop on their own. This is why crack cocaine addiction treatment at a professional rehabilitation center is highly recommended for someone addicted to crack cocaine.

The withdrawal from crack cocaine addiction is unpleasant and may include symptoms of, hunger, paranoia, anxiety, irritability, intense cravings and violent behavior. These symptoms make it difficult for a crack user to stop the addiction process. Withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the length and severity of the addiction. The first step in addiction treatment is detox. Detoxification is best done in an inpatient facility where the individual can be monitored.

Addiction Can End Your Life If Not Helped

There are many different medications that can help in the treatment to relieve insomnia, anxiety, and cravings, but there is the drug that specifically treats crack detox. We are skilled in handling any addiction type no matter how complex. Rest assured, we can provide you with the crack cocaine addiction program you need in order to end the battle with addiction. Call Stop Your Addiction today for more information on addiction treatments that you may you need, or for more information on how to begin your recovery.

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