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Is cocaine really bad?  Cocaine is an extremely addictive stimulant drug that can cause horrors to a person’s life.  Cocaine makes your senses heighten, and the feeling to most is a very good feeling, but the side effects are too great a risk to handle.  After a person has used the drug for a short period of time they can start to see the side effects cocaine will give.

Is Cocaine Really Bad? Some Side-Effects and Dangers of Use

Is Cocaine Really Bad?You lose the ability to feel the same high you did when you took your first hit so you will always have to up your doses.  When this happens the body will slowly start to shut down.  Cocaine affects the brain and how it functions; it also constricts blood vessels, increases heart rate and blood pressure, and dilate pupils.  As well as the small side effects, it also makes people lose their appetite, so malnutrition sets in and the person will lose drastic amounts of weight at a very unhealthy pace.

Risky Business

There are several ways for a person to take this dangerous drug.  They can either snort it or inject it.  None of these ways can have a positive outcome.  If you snort it, after a certain amount of time the inside of your nose starts to deteriorate and you will get a constant nose bleed, also it will be very hard to breathe and the only way to fix this is by plastic surgery where they reconstruct the inner walls.

If you want to inject it, you run the risk of collapsing your veins overtime and also contracting HIV/AIDS from using unclean needles.  Either way has horrible side effects that will affect your health and physical health.  Cocaine abusers have been known to have seizures because of repeated use and also have had cardiac arrest and strokes.  All these side effects names can lead to death one way or another.  So is cocaine really badYes.

Cocaine has devastating effects that nothing will be able to cure.  After reading this, what is your answer to the question; is cocaine really bad?

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