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Effects of cocaine vary depending on the individual.  There are short-term and long-term effects, some of which are experienced after only one use of the drug.  Some of the short-term effects include increased body temperature, loss of appetite, increased blood pressure, and rapid heart rate.  The long-term effects are dependent on the duration of the drug use, amounts consumed and level of dependency.  Prolonged cocaine use can cause permanent impairment, and may ultimately cause sudden death from seizures, respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

Do You Know the Effects of Cocaine?

Effects of CocaineSome effects of cocaine may seem promising in the beginning. The loss of appetite might lure those who want to lose weight, high energy levels might also attract sports people and others who need to put extra efforts to achieve desired results. However, this ultimately leads to dependency and hence the associated fatalities.

Long term effects of cocaine have a compounded outcome since they cause different damage to the body. With continued use, the body develops some tolerance and thus causing different addiction problems like heart complications, stroke, gastrointestinal and respiratory complications. Physically addicts can go into comas, feel chest pains, fever, have impaired vision, muscle pains, and convulsions. Psychologically due to cocaine usage people develop negative lifestyles like stealing, cheating, laziness, isolation or low esteem cases and self-denial. Other long-term cocaine effects include paranoia, restlessness, Roid rage, Hallucinations, and irritability.

Speak With a Counselor About Rehabilitation

After long-term dependency, an addict’s tolerance to the drug increases to the point that they never feel satisfied with the effects they are getting, leading them to keep increasing the dosage.  This could eventually lead to insanity and even death.  Recovery from the effects of cocaine; can be a difficult road to travel.  It will take a strong desire and commitment from the addict, a team of professionals dedicated to the individual’s success, and a strong support structure from family and friends.  Cocaine addiction can be overcome with the right help.  Call today to learn how we can help you get started right away.  It is time to take back your life.

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