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Cocaine withdrawal is challenging with the client feeling very exhausted most of the time. Those who are withdrawing from cocaine would definitely want to know what to expect once they have totally stopped using the substance.

Cocaine Withdrawal Process

Cocaine WithdrawalCocaine users who are addicted are likely to go through cocaine withdrawal symptoms once they quit. In the beginning, the initial effects of cocaine withdrawal are very intense and can last even for days, depending on the person. However, it is worth mentioning that studies have proven that the withdrawal signs should last for at least twenty-four hours. Some clients go through the withdrawal symptoms for a few weeks to months. The withdrawal that lasts long-term is referred to as post-acute.

Every client withdrawing from cocaine at our rehab center experiences withdrawal signs. Mentioned below are some of the common features that our clients experience.

  • Cravings: A large majority of clients withdrawing from cocaine go through excessive cravings. They feel like they want to take more of the substance. Cravings are experienced by most people who are withdrawing from any addictive habit. The cravings are brought about by the desire to decrease intake of cocaine and also the strong desire to experience the feeling of euphoria when high on cocaine.
  • Mood Swings: Our clients also tend to feel depressed, irritable, anxious, and lonely as they withdraw from using cocaine. This dysphoric mood is a common withdrawal sign which fades away with time.
  • Fatigue: Clients also feel fatigued when withdrawing from cocaine. Some have been known to sleep for 24 hours as a result of the extreme fatigue. They feel as if every ounce of energy they had was drained from their body.
  • Sleep Problems: Many clients suffer from sleep-related problems such as very vivid and scary dreams, oversleeping, and also the lack of sleep due to insomnia.
  • Increased Appetite: Our clients tend to have an increased appetite as they withdraw from cocaine. As their body slows down and becomes very sluggish, without cocaine in the body to diminish the appetite, the individual feels incredibly hungry.

Speak With A Counselor About Withdrawal

There are many other cocaine withdrawal symptoms that the client will experience, but our caring, compassionate addiction specialists will be on hand throughout the entire process.

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