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Cocaine IntoxicationCocaine intoxication is caused by an extreme amount of cocaine being ingested. Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is illegal and it affects the central nervous system. It causes a sense of strong joy when the brain releases more than normal amounts of biochemicals.  The effects of cocaine on other parts of your body may be very serious and can even cause death. Intoxication from cocaine use can be caused when someone takes too much cocaine or a form of cocaine that is too concentrated.  This can happen if someone is taking cocaine on very hot days which can lead to more side effects and harm because of the dehydration of the body.  Another cause can be taking cocaine when mixed with other drugs.

Cocaine Intoxication Symptoms

There are some symptoms with cocaine intoxication such as enlarged pupils, agitation, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and the feeling of being high. When the user takes higher doses confusion, tremors, seizures, sweating, hyperactivity, irregular heartbeat, stroke, and even death can occur. Some of the risk factors may include fluid in the lungs or bleeding into the lungs. There is treatment for cocaine; someone that has cocaine intoxication is many times always admitted into the hospital, usually on a heart monitoring unit.

The person with rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure most times will respond to treatment.  Also, seizures can be treated with the same drugs. Becoming intoxicated will occur when the cocaine, which is a stimulant, is introduced to your body in various methods. The signs of cocaine intoxication will include increased heart rate, increased talkativeness, seizures, confusion, and other psychological and physical effects.

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