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Cocaine addiction is a problem that happens to a person that consumes cocaine until their body and mind become dependent. Cocaine is a highly addictive substance that originated from Columbia, South America and is derived from the coca leaves.  This drug has been present in American communities for decades and during this period of time, cocaine has taken thousands of lives.

Cocaine Addiction Addiction to cocaine is one of the leading addictions in the United States today.  When a person is facing an addiction to cocaine in their daily life he or she will struggle with a simple task, such as concentrating on work or even cleaning the house.

Effects of Cocaine Addiction

People say that using cocaine makes them feel as if they are on the top of the world.  They lose their appetite, which is perfect for people wanting to lose weight. The cocaine user will also have increased  energy and he or she will seem a lot more focused on daily tasks.  These side effects of cocaine are the beginning of what starts a cocaine addiction.  After several days of pleasant side effects, the addiction begins to cause the user problems with their mental function.  They will try and race through things without even thinking and they will not understand or remember many things that they are told. Also, without an appetite, the cocaine abuse can also turn into an anorexia problem.  The addiction to cocaine will make the user look weak and feel unhealthy.

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