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Many cocaine addiction signs will be visible to anyone who is looking on. Confidence, highly talkative, and unusual alertness are some of the signs to watch for. Any of these are normal, but when enhanced by cocaine, they are exaggerated. These are especially noticeable when the person takes an apparent crash in a small amount of time. Cocaine highs only last a few minutes, and the need for more is required by the brain to continue that high. Unless a user keeps re-dosing, a crash will occur.

Spotting Cocaine Addiction Signs

Cocaine Addiction SignsIf the supply is empty and the crash occurs, the user will go into a depressed state and become irritable and highly anxious. The user may sleep a lot, or have very low energy levels. This is why the abuser may chase the next supply; their feelings are like night and day.

While all this euphoria is becoming a preferred state, it is attributing to the dependency and addiction that is going to occur with continued usage. The brain and body become physically and mentally dependent on this chemical. Without the source of the same chemical, a withdrawal will set in which leads to relapse and continued use just to avoid withdrawal and also to feed the newly acquired addiction.

When your addiction becomes out of control, other signs will signify this. You may notice you spend all your waking and sleeping hours desiring to use. Your job may become jeopardized by your ups and downs, and you’re suddenly spending all your money on the drug instead of important and necessary things.

As with most other addictive substances, there are several signs of cocaine addiction. Many of the signs are not difficult to identify. However, some are not so necessarily due to cocaine addiction. Also, some cocaine addiction signs are not always visible.

Cocaine Addiction Can Present the Following Symptoms

  • Extreme usage of cocaine and inability to perform duties and responsibilities
  • Obsession with using cocaine and going to extreme measures or compulsively seeking out the drug to use it
  • A change in one’s tolerance for the drug.  Needing more and more of the drug to feel it’s effects
  • Difficulty not using cocaine or being able to control amount used
  • Having cocaine withdrawal symptoms when not using cocaine (shaking, paranoia, nausea, depression, anxiety, irritability, or agitation)
  • Withdrawal symptoms force the person to use more cocaine
  • Finding oneself in financial distress, relationship failure, or legal troubles due to the abuse of cocaine

Signs Should Not be Ignored

Cocaine affects the person’s brain by altering the reward centers and interfering with dopamine production.  Dopamine in excess causes euphoric feelings and decreased dopamine causes the distinctive “low.”  The user naturally prefers the “high,”, so they continue taking more cocaine until addiction begins and they are out of control at that point.

Anyone struggling with the cocaine addiction signs should contact one of our professional addiction treatment counselors today and begin the steps to eliminated this obstacle from their lives.

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We have personalized programs that are confidential and compassionate. We can provide a haven for your withdrawal and recuperation from cocaine addiction.

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