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Club drugs refer to a variety of different chemical stimulants and narcotics that are preferred by the younger generation who frequent the “club scene”. Mostly, they are chosen for the effects of alertness and euphoria and a heightened physical and mental performance. These stimulants can keep you up all night dancing and feeling energized. They are the preferred club drug for this kind of atmosphere, and are typically bought and sold on the streets.

Death From Club Drugs

Club DrugThe main club drugs used or abused these days are Meth, GHB, Ecstasy, and Ketamine. Cocaine is usually the first choice, however.

Needless to say, in a club the drugs are often mixed with alcohol, and this mixture can be deadly. Especially when an inexperienced, non-tolerant person tries to combine the two. These drugs all cause the body to build up a tolerance, and someone who has a tolerance will be consuming more than a beginner should. This alone can be deadly starting off with a large dosage, much more if it is mixed with any type of alcoholic beverage because the system has not built up to that amount. This can easily cause an overdose, and is what happens to first time users very often. Many times it is a deadly occurrence for first time users of these drugs. Also, the club drug can cause serious side effects with repeated usage.

Club Drug Addictions and Risks

Addictions and health issues arise from abusing a club drug. The chemicals involved in the manufacturing of these drugs can cause serious addictions, side effects, and mental and physical dependencies.  The only safe and assured method to recover from an addiction to any of these drugs is a recovery or rehabilitation center. When other health issues may be established through the abusing process, only medical professionals know how to achieve a safe recovery for you. This is our hope, that if you have an addiction or are close to it, you will reach out to us and find the addiction treatment help you deserve.

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