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Christina drug (Tina) is the addictive man-made drug scientifically known as methamphetamine.  Christina was created in the early 1900’s as a way to help fighter pilots remain alert during battle, but because of its addictive nature pilots and individuals allowed to possess this drug became addicted and were the first to experience the devastating effects of the drug that is now considered to be America’s leading addictive and deadly drug.

Christina Drug and Its Deadly Contents

After decades of creating and selling Christina, creators have found new cheaper ways to create this drug. Many household items are cooked into a concoction that is then drained off, dried and packaged for delivery.

This drug is made up of several deadly toxic chemicals that include:
Christina Drug

  • Gasoline
  • Battery acid
  • Rat poison
  • Iodine

Christina Addiction Statistics Continue to Grow

Millions of Americans suffer from an addiction to Christina drug, and they fight that addiction on a daily basis.  In some counties over 50% of the population use Christina in their everyday lives to remain motivated and above the poverty line.  This problem is constantly spreading and hitting teens younger and younger. Teens as young as the age of 12 have reported trying Christina at least once, and there are thousands of teens across the country that have to deal with their deadly addiction to Christina.

Fighting Drug Addiction

This national and global addiction crisis will only weaken the economy and the future of the country and world.  Making a change towards a life free from the addiction to Christina is a choice that every individual has to make on their own, but none the less is a smart choice for anyone dealing with a long-term addiction to Christina drug.  For information on how to overcome your addiction to Christina, contact Stop Your Addiction today toll-free.

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