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Caffeine AddictionCaffeine is in almost every drink that is distributed in America every day; this is the reason for caffeine addiction becoming a growing problem. Hundreds of thousands of people are addicted to caffeine and do not even know it. This stimulant is a very low dose form of stimulant and its main goal is to increase energy and alertness quickly and in short bursts. Caffeine is causing many Americans to spend most of their hard earned dollars on unhealthy caffeinated drinks that only cause the body harm in the long term.

About Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction is much more serious than people realize. This addiction can cause a person to lose his or her short term memory and also it poses problems to the brain and vital organs in a person’s body. If someone overdoses on caffeine he or she can experience an increase in heart rate, blood sugar levels, and temporary memory loss.

Every year thousands of Americans overdose on caffeine causing themselves problems with their health and overall well being. This type of abuse can cause problems in young children and if children are given too much caffeine, they can suffer from health problems early in their lives. If you are fearful that you might have an addiction to caffeine, start by stopping the intake of caffeine and see if you experience cravings for caffeine, problems sleeping, headaches, energy changes, and possible mood swings. These are all signs of caffeine withdrawal and can, in some cases, pose a serious threat if medical attention is not sought.

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