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BerniceBernice is one of the many common street names given to the drug known as cocaine. This drug is a highly potent and highly addictive substance that is derived from the leaves of the coca plant.  The coca plant has been used for generations in religious ceremonies in other counties, and because of its euphoric effects, people began experimenting with the plant to find a way to increase its potency and find a way to market it and sell it throughout the globe for an affordable and deadly price.

Bernice Began to Boom:  Taking Over the Body

Cocaine made its biggest boom in America in the 1970’s, and since then this drug has been many people’s choice of drug whenever they are trying to experience a full body and mind high.  A person that uses Bernice, even once, will experience euphoria, but shortly after the high is over their body will then begin to crave the effects of the drug again. This is when an addiction first begins. The individual using the drug will satisfy their cravings only to find themselves becoming addicted with no looking back.

Addiction and Treatment

Soon after an addiction to Bernice takes hold of a person, they will then quickly lose their:

  • Mental sanity
  • Family
  • Career
  • Financial stability
  • Home

This drug causes a person to only care about one thing which is getting high, and they will stop at nothing to achieve the high that they are seeking.  In some extreme cases of Bernice addiction, people have been known to sell their young daughters and wives into prostitution in order to obtain the drugs that they are craving.

Bernice is a deadly drug that should never be used due to its addictive nature and consequences that follow with addiction.  If you have unfortunately become addicted to the drug known as Bernice, contact Stop Your Addiction today.  Our professional addiction treatment centers can help.

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