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An anorectic diet is a diet that consists of using pills that replace amphetamines as appetite suppressants. Anorectic diet pills, also known as anorexigenics, simply cause the person taking them to have less of a desire to eat food. They are a stimulant that works in the central nervous system, and they have been very effective as a way to lose weight. One problem is that it is only a short term solution.

Anorectic Diet Addiction

Anorectic DietWhen people do this type of diet, they must be very careful about addiction. The pills are proven to be addictive. Because these pills are so addictive, treatment programs have been developed to help people who find themselves addicted to them. If you are addicted, then a good solution would be to become a client at an inpatient facility that could help you with your problem. They will help you to overcome your addiction and live a full life again.

An anorectic diet can be extremely effective if the pills are taken in the correct manner. It is most effective as a diet if you combine the pills with watching what you eat. You should also combine the diet with an exercise program. You can take the pills safely for up to 16 weeks, and potentially lose a lot of weight.

Addiction Treatment

If you do decide to go on an anorectic diet, as with any other diet you should do it under medical supervision. This way you will be careful not to become addicted to the pills. If however, you do find yourself addicted to the pills, be sure that you get help for the problem. You need to find an inpatient center that is specialized in treating this type of addiction specifically. The bottom line is that an anorectic diet can work wonders, you just need to be very careful when you are doing it.

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