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Anorectic DrugsAnorectic drugs are central nervous system stimulants, typically, diet pills that are used as appetite suppressants. Individuals can purchase them with or without a prescription, or they can purchase them illegally. They come in capsule or tablet form; therefore, a person swallows the pills. Unfortunately, anorectic drugs can become addictive.

Anorectic drugs lessen the desire to eat. Many people who are overweight use the pills in an anorectic diet to try to lose weight. If taken properly, the drug is effective for 16 weeks. People should also try to control their diet and exercise when taking the appetite suppressant.  They should not be used long-term for weight control as the side effects can be very dangerous.

Anorectic Drugs Use, Malnutrition, and Addiction

If a person is not eating properly while taking the drug, they will not lose weight which makes them more susceptible to addiction. If a person has a history of drug abuse, they should not take these types of drugs. A person can become addicted to the drug both physically and mentally.

If a person abuses the drug, they could experience weight loss and malnutrition. When mixed with other drugs, including alcohol, anorectic drugs can be dangerous. They can also cause heart valve difficulties.

Anorectic Addiction, Treatment Help

Our rehab center will help clients face their problem and conquer the addiction. We will build self-esteem and deal with any emotional issues that our clients face. Stop Your Addiction will tackle the individual’s overall health and diet. Our clients will leave with the determination and strength of mind to become free from drug abuse.

Rehab can effectively help people who are addicted to the drug. Our center is experienced in dealing with drug abuse, and the confidentiality of our clients is a top priority. If a person has tried to lose weight and has become addicted to anorectic drugs, we can help them beat the addiction and reclaim their life.

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