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The alcohol effects can range from health benefits of small amounts of alcohol consumption to very severe effects that occur with chronic abuse of alcohol. When alcohol is consumed in high amounts, the person can increase the risk of developing alcoholism, alcohol liver disease, chronic pancreatitis, cardiovascular problems, and cancer. It has been found that people who drink in moderation, alcohol can help if they have had a heart attack and have survived it. However, drinking alcohol in excess can lead to an increased risk for heart failure. Chronic alcohol consumption can impair brain development, and this can cause physical dependence, dementia and brain shrinkage.

Alcohol Effects Are Very Dangerous

Alcohol EffectsA very serious health problem is alcoholic liver disease. There are almost two million people in America that have liver disorders due to alcohol. Chronic abuse of alcohol can cause cirrhosis, fatty liver, and also alcoholic hepatitis. Long-term alcohol consumption may lead to damage to your central nervous system and also the peripheral nervous system and this can cause impotence in men and the loss of sexual desire.

Other alcohol effects include skin disorders which come in a wide range of varieties, some include porphyria cutanea tarda, flushing, urticaria, cirrhosis, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis.

There are a few claims as to the benefits of drinking small amounts of red wine, but this is not a good excuse to drink large amounts every day. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic, but regardless how little they drink, there will be some effects felt.

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