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Alcohol addiction treatment consists of three stages, intervention, detoxification, and rehabilitation. An individual must be a willing, active participant in each stage of the treatment for alcoholism in order to be successful in conquering their alcohol dependency.

Sometimes, the first phase in alcoholism treatment programs is an intervention. An intervention happens when an individual with an addiction to alcohol is confronted by a family member, co-worker, or friend, about their drinking problem. The main goal of an intervention is to get the individual to realize their dependence on alcohol or drugs and then get that individual to accept help.

Alcohol Addiction TreatmentDetoxification in an alcohol addiction treatment program is the process of weaning an individual off of alcohol. The use of medication is required to help individuals with the difficult, sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms. The course of detoxification usually lasts 4 to 7 days and is conducted in a controlled, stress-free setting.

The final stage of an alcoholism treatment program is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation incorporates several aspects to aid an individual’s recovery from dependency on alcohol. One aspect of rehabilitation is counseling sessions directed toward helping an individual identify their reasons for dependency on alcohol.  Also, during counseling, the ramifications of alcoholism are discussed.

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Another aspect of alcoholism treatments is psychological support, which consists of group therapy sessions where individuals discuss their problems and get support from others who have experienced the same thing. Behavior modification therapy is another important aspect of rehabilitation. During behavior modification therapy an individual learns to replace their negative thoughts and actions with healthy, more beneficial thoughts and actions.

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Dependency on alcohol, or alcoholism, is a disease that an individual must battle every second of every day for the rest of their lifetime. There is no cure for alcohol dependency, and many individuals experience several relapses with their disease, but with alcohol addiction treatment and determination to succeed, recovery is possible.  Call Stop Your Addiction today for more information about treatment for alcohol addiction options, our addiction treatment programs, and how we can help.

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