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Acetaminophen toxicity is a topic that is not often discussed when it comes to drug abuseAcetaminophen is a very widely used ingredient in many over the counter medications due to the broad spectrum of ailments it can treat and its effectiveness.  Many people aren’t aware of the dangers of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. However, these drugs are one of the main causes of commercial drug poisoning in the United States.  More than 30,000 cases of acetaminophen overdose are reported on a yearly basis.

Acetaminophen Toxicity, Risks, and Side Effects

Acetaminophen ToxicityWhen taken in extremely large doses, or when taken in smaller doses over a long period of time, some acetaminophen side effects can trigger liver damage and kidney failure. The liver is unable to metabolize the excess of drugs and gets overwhelmed.  Additionally, the excess of acetaminophen is believed to double the risk of kidney cancer.  These risks increase when acetaminophen and alcohol are mixed.

A person suffering from acetaminophen toxicity may display nausea, abdominal tenderness and vomiting within 24-hours of the overdose. If a person has developed a dependency for acetaminophen, our rehabilitation facility can assist in helping him or her overcome the addiction. Our facility employs a professional staff that is well educated in the field of addiction. With the 24-hour professional supervision that our inpatient treatment program offers, clients are able to combat and overcome their addiction.

Treating and Beating Addiction

Clients that choose to enter our residential treatment facility have a great chance of recovery and living a drug-free life. They’re taken out of their old environment and are placed in a drug-free, sober-living facility. Their new environment, and all the professional assistance and support that are available, help to motivate them to overcome their addiction. With the right treatment, clients can overcome addiction and the dangers of acetaminophen toxicity.

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