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Acetaminophen is known to cause damage in certain instances; hence, the phrase acetaminophen liver damage.   This is why we recommend that individuals be very careful when using the drug for pain relief.  Never go over the recommended dosages, because increasing the dose is known to be directly connected with acetaminophen liver damage. It is a serious matter. The damage that is done to the liver is permanent and can lead to liver failure, and even death. Acute liver failure in the United States and the United Kingdom has been proven to be caused by acetaminophen overdoses in most cases.

Take Acetaminophen Liver Damage Seriously

Acetaminophen Liver DamageThe most important thing for individuals to remember is that the directions on the bottle should be taken very seriously when taking any drug, especially acetaminophen. Never go over the daily allotted limit. Also, do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking any drug. They also do damage to your liver, and the combination of alcohol and drugs can easily become fatal. Acetaminophen is metabolized in the liver, leaving it incredibly susceptible to damage.

Acetaminophen is perfectly safe for users that take the appropriate dosage and follow the recommendations that the bottle provides. It has only been proven to cause damage to the liver in cases of overdoses. This drug is very helpful and important to those that need it. It has been proven to reduce fevers and relieve pain. However, if the individuals do not see results in a certain number of days, they should stop taking the drug.

How to Avoid Damage

Never take acetaminophen (or any medication) for longer than the suggested time frame on the bottle in order to avoid acetaminophen liver damage. If you or a loved one need more information on medication abuse and the dangers that come along with addiction, contact Stop Your Addiction toll-free today. One of our professional counselors will be more than happy to assist you.

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