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The negative effects of drug addiction cause devastation not only to the addict but to their friends and loved ones as well.  The effects such as divorce lost custody of children, financial ruin, and alienation from friends are some of the most common things that happen in an addict’s life.

Do You Know the Effects of Drug Addiction?

Effects Of Drug AddictionDrug addiction has many other negative effects such as damage to how the addict’s mind works.  Many times the individual suffers paranoia, thinking everyone is out to get them.  These effects often occur only during the time the substance is in the person’s system, but prolonged use can result in these effects becoming permanent.

Another effect of drug addiction is the physical damage done to the person’s body.  Depending on the drug and the manner of ingestion, an addict can suffer lung and respiratory damage, nasal cavity damage, or collapsed veins.  Other damages appear in major organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart causing a wide variety of health concerns.

Showing the Effects and Seeking Help

The most serious of the effects of drug addiction is death.  Regardless of whether it is death from an accident while under the influence or death from overdose, addiction takes far to many lives needlessly.  Other deaths from addiction occur due to a desperate addict killing someone to obtain drugs, whether intentionally or by accident.  Suicide is another effect of drug addiction that has claimed many lives through the years.

Drug-related problems and the negative effects of drug addiction affect millions of lives daily, but these problems can be resolved by getting addicts into a professional treatment program before it is too late.  If you know someone who is struggling with the effects of drug addiction, or perhaps you have your own personal drug problem, call us now and put an end to the constant suffering.  We can help you take back control of your life. Contact Stop Your Addiction toll-free today to speak with one of our professional counselors about treatment options for you or a loved one.

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