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Drug Addiction SignsAddiction is an unhealthy obsession with a certain activity or substance. Drug abuse and alcoholism are common forms of addiction.  The drug addiction signs sometimes are not evident and sometimes they can be more obvious than at other times. Possessing drug addiction signs does not always mean that there is a drug addiction present, but you may want to be more aware if someone is suspected of abuse of drugs or alcohol. If a friend or family member is suspected, be supportive and assist the individual on the road to recovery.

Addictions manifest in a wide variety of people from all walks of life. It is not exactly clear how drug addictions develop; but they can be initiated by a number of factors, including social pressure, personality, and availability. Addiction can also cause one’s physical well-being to deteriorate over a period of time.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

  • Appetite changes, poor eating habits, weight changes
  • Odors on the breath, body or clothes
  • Increased energy, hyperactivity, talkativeness
  • Bruises or needle marks on arms, legs, feet
  • Personality or attitude changes with no apparent cause
  • Avoid old friends hangs with a different group of people now
  • New friends are drug users
  • No interest in previous activities that brought pleasure
  • Poor attendance and performance at school or work
  • Can’t pay attention, forgetfulness
  • No real motivation, energy, self-esteem, discipline
  • Resentful behavior, defensiveness, temper tantrums
  • Outbursts, violent temper or bizarre behavior
  • Unexplained silliness or giddiness
  • Paranoid or suspicious thoughts or behavior
  • Secretive behavior
  • Car accidents and fender benders
  • Accidents in the home
  • Dishonesty, stealing
  • Trouble with police
  • Unexplained money problems
  • Obvious efforts to cover arms and legs
  • Disinterest in grooming or appearance
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Remember: Denial is dangerous for everyone. Addiction takes over the lives of addicts, endangering their own health, safety and happiness, as well as that of others. Denial lets everyone pretend there is not a problem. The longer denial goes on, the longer the addict will be caught in the addiction cycle, and the longer it will take for an addict to change his or her behavior.

Ignoring a loved one’s drug problem and drug addiction signs will not make the problem go away.  If you suspect someone is addicted to drugs, you must proceed extremely carefully. Don’t spy or make emotional accusations, which are sure ways to make the person rebellious and defensive. Instead, tell the person that drugs can damage their health and future. Explain that you want to protect them from the danger of drugs just as you would want to protect them from any other threat. Stage a well thought out and planned intervention and have drug rehabilitation treatment options set up once the addict agrees to a treatment program.

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