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It seems that the drug addiction cycle never ends and seems unstoppable. No matter what race, sex or religion, it seems also that drug addiction has touched every part of our culture. It is reported that around 13 million Americans today are abusing drugs and or alcohol. Not one of us intends to become a drug addict or alcoholic, but often, many of us do. Addicts do not set out to destroy their lives or to hurt their families and friends this is just a part of the effect of the drug addiction cycle.

Professional Help to Escape the Drug Addiction Cycle for Good

Drug Addiction CycleTheft, lies and the never ending dishonesty conveyed is equaled to the severity of the addiction. In our experience, it is shown that an addict can be well thought of, creative, smart and have so much to offer, but they can never get past getting the next high.  They are obsessed with getting more of the drug or alcohol and can’t escape the trap because they have no control over this compulsive behavior.  Everyone involved tends to deny that there is a real problem and this is just another part of the drug addiction cycle.

As the person continues using the substance, they become more depressed and guilty.  At this point they no longer have any concern for loved ones, friends, employment or personal integrity.  The only thing that matters is getting high, again and again.  Eventually, ruined relationships and financial chaos are another reason for being depressed, so the cycle continues.

Gradually, their body becomes more tolerant of the substance, forcing the person to need more and more of it to get the desired effect.  With this increased tolerance comes the danger of a possible overdose.  The body can only tolerate so much of these powerful chemicals without experiencing serious damage or even death.

Help With Overcoming the Cycle

The drug addiction cycle is not a thrill ride, and anyone caught in it is in danger of never getting out before it’s too late.  Fortunately, we can help.  We know exactly what is needed to overcome this cycle and are waiting to help you or a loved one get your life back on the right track.  Call now and let us help you get started with treatment for drug addiction right away so you can enjoy the rest of your life they way you deserve.

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