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Steps of drug detox are performed in order to cleanse the body of the drugs or substances to which an individual is addicted. Drug detox is usually the first step in an individual receiving help for any addiction including opiates such as morphine, codeine,  heroin, or many other addictive substances.

Three Main Important Steps of Drug Detox

Steps of Drug DetoxFirst is evaluation. The client is given a drug test in order to determine what types of drugs are in their system. Also, during this step, the client is evaluated to see if he or she has any other disorder or mental/behavioral issues.
The second of the steps of drug detox is stabilization. During this step the client is told what to expect and is prepared to undergo the drug detox process. The client is also closely monitored for any withdrawal symptoms and is treated for these symptoms as they arise.
The third, and last, step in the drug detox process is the rehabilitation program. During this step in drug detox the client is prepared to enter a drug treatment center to further his or her recovery. This is important because drug detox only deals with the physical factors of drug addiction. The client needs further treatment in order to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

Drug Detoxification is Better with Support

It can be dangerous for an individual with addiction to undergo the drug detox process at home where he or she is not monitored closely for the life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that may occur. Also, they are still faced with the same emotional or environmental factors that were a part of the addiction, and until they learn how to effectively avoid situations or temptations, relapse will likely occur.

It has also been proven that individuals who undergo the drug detox process at an inpatient rehabilitation facility are much more likely to have a full recovery. Call us today to learn more about our steps of drug detox.

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