Drug Addicts

All drug addicts out there have a different story. They each have their own reasons for starting drugs in the first place, and they have their own path that they take. Some of them realize they have a problem before it is too late, while others end up sacrificing their life for their addiction.

Everyone is Different

Whatever their story is, hopefully, they will find themselves in a treatment center to recover from their addiction. Drug or Alcohol AddictionThen they will be able to continue on with the life they were meant to live. But why do people start drugs in the first place? Why do some of them become addicted while others can simply do the drugs a few times and be perfectly fine? Those questions are about to be answered. Here are the top five reasons people become addicted to drugs.

#1 They Begin with Experimentation

Many drug addicts began taking drugs because they were simply curious about what it would be like. Whether it is marijuana, crack, heroin, or something else, the first time is always innocent enough. What is it like to be on these drugs? For some, the first try is also the last. However, more frequently, the first experience with drugs is a powerful one. The users enjoy their time on the drugs. They wish for the feeling of euphoria to return. So they participate in the drugs again. Even the second time can be intended to be the last for them, but it is so often not. Soon, the person simply wanting to see what being on drugs is like is addicted to them: Addicted in a way that they cannot live their lives normally.

Since experimentation is often the cause of a full-fledged addiction, it is always a good idea for someone who is curious to just remain curious. The unknown is far better than battling an addiction to a drug that will completely change the course of the user’s life.

#2 They Give in to Peer Pressure

For some people, even if they have no desire to try drugs, they get convinced to do so by the people around them. Oftentimes, peer pressure occurs during the teenage years. Teenagers feel a crazy amount of pressure to fit in, so they do what their friends are doing. It is a lot easier to just say yes and fit in than it is to say no and get made fun of, so they succumb to the pressure of their peers. Once they have participated in the drugs once, their friends will assume they want to participate every time. Before they know it, the teenagers are in the middle of a full-fledged addiction. The scary part is that teenagers’ brains are still developing. This makes them more susceptible to the addiction, but it also means that the addiction can cause severe brain damage that may not be reversible.

Even though peer pressure commonly occurs in the teenage years, even adults have to battle pressure from their peers. Whether it is in a business setting or simply hanging out with friends, the pressure to fit in never goes away no matter how old someone becomes. No one wants to stick out and get made fun of.

The best thing that someone can do to avoid peer pressure is to put themselves in circles of friends that are drug-free. If no one in the group partakes in drugs, no one will feel pressured to try them.

#3 They Want to Improve Their Life

Another reason that people become drug addicts is because they want a quick fix to a problem in their life. For example, many athletes will start drugs because they want to easily improve their performance and better their career. They may also be suffering from an injury that causes them a severe amount of pain. To push through the pain and keep performing at a stellar level, the athletes rely on painkillers. This can easily lead to an addiction to painkillers. Even people recovering from surgery may find themselves addicted to the feeling that the painkillers provide.

Women who feel an insurmountable pressure to feel skinny may become addicted to meth to help them lost the weight they feel they need to lose. Once they lose the weight they were hoping to, they are so afraid of returning to their old weight if they stop the drug that they just keep taking it. It doesn’t take long for drug addicts to become so addicted to the drug that their life is consumed by it.

To avoid an addiction people are better off putting in the hard work it takes to achieve the results they want. It may take longer, but they will achieve their results without having an addiction to battle afterward.

#4 Drug Addicts Are Surrounded by Contributing Factors

The environment around users is another huge factor for whether or not they become addicted to drugs. People that are born into households that openly use drugs are much more likely to develop their own addiction. If a fetus is exposed to a drug in the womb, there is a very good chance that if that person ever tries the drug they will be addicted.

The way a person grew up can also make a big impact on if they become drug addicts. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people who grew up in a household where the parenting skills were lacking have a higher chance of becoming an abuser. People that have suffered physical or sexual abuse also have a higher incidence of addiction.

Many times, an addiction stemmed from environment is unpreventable. People cannot control how they were raised or whether or not they were abused. The best thing someone can do who becomes addicted to drugs because of their environment is to seek treatment as soon as possible.

#5 Drug Addicts Can’t Help It

Finally, genetics can play a huge role with drug addicts and addiction. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse states that genetics, along with environment, controls 50% of a person’s vulnerability to drug addiction. However, that does not mean that people born with the addiction gene are destined to be drug abusers. The gene will sit dormant unless a trigger is put into the body. If someone knows that addiction runs in their family, they need to really consider even experimenting with drugs because they are much more likely to become addicted.

In addition to the addiction gene, mental illness is also a contributing factor to addiction. Since mental illnesses are a malfunction in the brain, they are a disease. Someone does not have a choice if they want a mental illness or not. People who have mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression, are much more likely to resort to drugs to solve their problems. This usage can easily lead to addiction.

Outcomes Are Unpredictable

There are many factors that determine if someone is going to become addicted to drugs or not. Since the outcome is never known in advance, the best course of action is to avoid taking the drugs in the first place.



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