Alcohol and Alcoholism

People are starting to see just how bad addiction is starting to get in this country, like with alcohol and alcoholism. Still, even though Americans’ understanding of addiction had certainly been going up, there still has been a strong lack of interest and understanding of the full extent of just how bad this issue has been getting in this country. Every year, Americans struggle more and more intensively because of drugs and alcohol problems as they stand in this country, to the point where addiction gets progressively worse and worse with each passing year.

Increase in Alcohol and Alcoholism

One of the most significant growth factors regarding addiction has been with alcoholism and a steadily increasing factor with alcoholism in this nation. Truly, this has been a big problem and a big concern for a lot of people, one of which will likely only get progressively worse if fast action is not taken to do something about the problem as soon as is possible.

Alcoholism is a rapidly increasing crisis, as can be seen by statistics like the following:

  • According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol and alcoholism are two of our greatest health problems today. More people die from alcohol use than all forms of drug abuse combined.
  • In fact, the only two things that kill more people than alcohol abuse does when it comes to preventative deaths is smoking and obesity.
  • Another very concerning factor that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism wants us to consider is the speed of which this problem is growing. While smoking and obesity still killed more people than alcoholism does, smoking deaths are actually just now starting to turn around and become less of a growing problem.
  • Obesity is still growing but only at a very slow rate. Alcohol deaths, however, are skyrocketing with fifteen times more people dying from alcohol every year now than twenty years ago. In fact, when the entire lump sum of all causes of death planet-wide are closely considered, it has been found that 5% of all deaths planet-wide are somehow caused by alcohol.
  • Obviously, this is by and large a negative problem. If alcohol cannot be consumed in moderation then it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Alcohol is one of the worst substances out there, and interest in the substance is constantly growing.

Which Drug is Most Dangerous?

From the above information, do you know which drug is most dangerous? It can be pretty clearly seen that the most dangerous drugs really come down to alcohol and prescription drugs. The most harmful drugs out there are the substances that cause the most damage and that do the most harm in people, and that more than anything else is what we need to pay attention to.

When it comes to the suffering and the damage that is caused by alcohol and alcoholism, we really need to do something about this, and the best place to start is with rehabilitation. Rehabilitation programs offer the best route out of addiction, and they give people a path to freedom and abstinence from alcohol consumption and addiction that is totally valuable.

Stop Your Addiction can be effectively utilized to help people who struggle with addiction to alcohol and alcoholism, whether it is with alcohol addiction or something else. For more information, reach out to Stop Your Addiction today. No one should have to suffer from addiction unnecessarily, and there are solutions to even the most difficult and unpleasant of addiction struggles if one knows where to look. Reach out to SYA today for more information.

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