Alcohol Use

We live in a day and age where media is prevalent, and we are surrounded by messages. From newspapers and magazines to radio, the Internet and more, there are so many outlets from which we can obtain the knowledge and entertainment we need and want. One of the most popular is television, and studies reveal that we begin relying on television from an early age. Children ages 11-13 watch around 28 hours of television, and those ages 14-18 watch for around 20 hours. Furthermore, alcohol use on TV is all too common. A study was recently done that analyzed prime time broadcasts from 1998-1999, and it was revealed that 71 percent of shows portrayed alcohol use and 77 percent referenced to its use. With such an inundation, it’s no wonder the number of people struggling with alcohol drug abuse is on the rise.

Signs of Abuse

Not all use of alcohol is problematic. In fact, there are actually certain health benefits to be reaped when used responsibly. So, what exactly constitutes a problem?

If you suspect you or someone important in your life may be struggling with abuse, there are some common warning signs to be on the lookout for including:

  • Withdrawal from activities that used to excite you
  • Missed time from work or school
  • Decrease in performance at work or school
  • Temporary memory loss or blackouts
  • Frequent need to drink to improve mood
  • Trouble quitting drinking
  • Need to drink to fit in
  • Trembling hands
  • Problems with friends or family members
  • Drinking alone or in secret

Many people who have a drinking problem have become very adept at finding ways to camouflage the signs, and before they realize it, alcohol use has become alcohol addiction.

Help For Alcohol Use With Inpatient Treatment

When you realize you have a problem, this can be a breakthrough moment. While it won’t be easy, you have already taken the first step to recovery. The path will be a difficult one, but you can increase your chances of success when you reach out for professional help. When you choose an inpatient treatment facility, you separate yourself from outside influences that increase your chances for relapse.

Other benefits you can take advantage of include:

  • 24/7 professional access
  • Interaction with others struggling with the same problem
  • Access to medical intervention when necessary

Each inpatient program offers a variety of options, however, the basics are usually the same.  For instance, the main goal of any program is to get patients get clean and then teach them the skills that will help them remain sober for the rest of their lives.

You Can Overcome Alcohol Use

Reference to alcohol use is all around us, and the exciting characters we love to watch on television can put a positive spin on its use. While it is possible to consume alcohol responsibly, the fact remains that some people are at a higher risk to develop an addiction. We can’t change the fact that popular television shows seem to glorify the use of alcohol, but, by understanding that you have a problem, you can take the steps necessary to overcoming your addiction, and the professionals available at inpatient treatment facilities can help lead you down that path.

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