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Blog - Category: Alcohol

Social Drinking Becomes Alcoholism

Social drinking occurs when individuals consume alcohol in a social setting to celebrate an occasion, kick back after a hard day of work, or feel like they are a part of a group. Also referred to as “responsible drinking,” social drinkers do not have the intent of becoming intoxicated when they consume alcohol. Social drinking is a common part of life in many cultures around the world, and drinking in moderation is viewed as socially acceptable in these societies. Though there are many times when […]

Alcohol and Alcoholism

People are starting to see just how bad addiction is starting to get in this country, like with alcohol and alcoholism. Still, even though Americans’ understanding of addiction had certainly been going up, there still has been a strong lack of interest and understanding of the full extent of just how bad this issue has been getting in this country. Every year, Americans struggle more and more intensively because of drugs and alcohol problems as they stand in this country, to the point where addiction […]

Alcohol Use

We live in a day and age where media is prevalent, and we are surrounded by messages. From newspapers and magazines to radio, the Internet and more, there are so many outlets from which we can obtain the knowledge and entertainment we need and want. One of the most popular is television, and studies reveal that we begin relying on television from an early age. Children ages 11-13 watch around 28 hours of television, and those ages 14-18 watch for around 20 hours. Furthermore, alcohol […]

Alcohol Rehab Program

The first step in getting help for alcohol dependence (alcoholism) is recognizing there is a problem and deciding to do something about it, like with the help of an alcohol rehab program. So if you’ve already made that decision, you have taken that first and fundamental stride. Next comes HOW. To really examine how to do it, let us first look at the basic symptoms that mark alcoholism: Compulsive need to drink; intense cravings for alcohol Inability to limit one’s drinking; repeated binge drinking; getting […]

Stay Motivated Through Drug Rehab - Stay Off Alcohol

There are many reasons a person drinks alcohol. They may do it because they feel it relaxes them; everyone else is doing it; alcohol makes them open up; it numbs physical or mental pain; or any one of many other reasons. In 2011, 51.5% of Americans said that they drank alcohol on a regular basis and found it hard to stay off alcohol. While there is nothing wrong with having a drink now and again, alcohol is not good to use as a crutch. This […]

Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency Causes Drug and alcohol abuse resulting in chemical dependency causes the substance that’s being abused to become the sole focus of an addict’s life. A recent study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that the illegal drug use of people living in the United States has reached its highest level since the early 2000’s. Additionally, approximately 130 million people admit to drinking or experimenting with alcohol. People have often wondered what makes some more prone to abuse drugs […]

Ups and Downs of Addiction

Attempting to Hide Addiction: Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction are usually hard to see.The person suffering from addiction will work hard to hide it from those around them.  If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you already know the extent to which lies and deceitful behavior will play a role in perpetuating the addiction and preventing loved ones from stopping them. Dishonest behavior is just one of the common early warning signs exhibited […]

Teenager Drug and Alcohol Use

A Tough Subject to Talk About: Teenager Drug and Alcohol Use It is important to speak to a teen about teenager drug and alcohol use as a proactive or reactive measure. Communication often becomes difficult at this age as kids strive for greater independence, and parents struggle to find a balance between parental responsibilities and the child’s need for self-growth. According to Wake Forest Medical Center pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Weinshilboum, the topics of teenager drug and alcohol use are among the hardest subjects for parents […]

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