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Relapse PreventionRelapse prevention is the final stage of a successful recovery. While addiction treatment is the most effective way to overcoming addiction and going on to live a productive and sober life, treatment does not end with graduation from a treatment program.  Relapse prevention is just as important than the actual treatment program and is one of the most effective tools to preventing relapse and a possible return to rehab.

First of all, relapse should never be viewed as a failure, but, rather, as a learning experience.  As many as 54% of recovering addicts will end up having a relapse before they learn how to avoid them and fully recover from addiction.  Learning to utilize the tools that are given in rehab and actively participating in a 12-step program can help tremendously in continuing recovery and helping to prevent relapse.

Learning Relapse Prevention

Relapse does not just randomly occur without the influence of a combination of factors. Learning to identify these and using them as warning signs can help aid in relapse prevention.  While there is a combination of factors, each person’s individual relapse factors are exclusive to them.  There may be feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, irritability, or boredom.  Also hanging around old haunts, such as a bar or a place where old drug buddies are known to frequent, can also be a sign that relapse is imminent.  There are a number of possible signs and triggers for relapse and it is important to know and recognize what your individual signs are.  It is important to always remember how far you have come in your recovery if you may be feeling down about where you are in your life.  There are more positives in living a sober life than falling back into addiction.  Recovery is not going to happen overnight and should be taken day to day.

Prevention is an Important Stop on the Road to Recovery

More often than not, the ultimate reason behind a relapse is no fault of the person themselves, but because of a lack of training and tools to help cope with urges.  To learn more about relapse prevention and programs and tools that can help aid in the recovery journey, please contact us.  We can help provide you with invaluable information regarding treatment options and aftercare prevention.  If you or a loved one is struggling on the road to recovery, we are here to help reach that ultimate goal of a lifelong recovery. Relapse prevention is a very important stop on the road to recovery.

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