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After addition treatment, one year aftercare is usually offered to help ex-addicts keep from relapsing. With the benefits that come with a program after your addiction treatment, you are capable of completely getting your life back on track without having to worry about relapsing.

One Year Aftercare Programs

One Year AftercareOne year aftercare programs can be live-in programs or outpatient programs. If you choose a live-in program, you will enter into a half-way home immediately after you have left addiction treatment and you will stay there and learn how to live without addiction, get a job, and get yourself back together after you are completely clean. This program is mostly recommended because you will have the insight from other patients and doctors throughout your entire one year aftercare program while also living in the world and having the support from your fellow addicts and doctors.

One year aftercare at home is a little different. This program is when you come into a clinic for weekly learning seminars to keep yourself clean. You still get the ongoing support from your doctors, but you will not have the constant care that will help you remain sober. This program is recommended for people that are much stronger in their addiction and have almost completely overcome their addiction.

Remain Clean Without the Worry of Relapse

If you are considering entering into addiction treatment and think that you need additional care after you have left your addiction treatment, consider a one year program. These programs can help someone that got clean in their addiction treatment remain clean without the worry of relapse. One year aftercare makes sense and will be the support and care you need while struggling with the need to still get high.

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