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The history of addiction treatment dates to 1784 when Dr. Benjamin Rush argued that alcoholism was a disease. In 1810, Dr. Rush called for  History of Addiction Treatmentthe creation of a “sober house” for the care of the “confirmed drunkard.” Later, in 1844, the opening of Lodging Homes began inpatient treatment, known as “inebriate homes.”

Do You Know the History of Addiction Treatment?

From these beginnings evolved the inpatient treatment facilities we have today. Inpatient rehabilitation (rehab) now treats both alcohol and drug addicted clients. Inpatient rehab is a safe, structured environment that gives the addict time to detoxify from alcohol and/or drugs and begin the healing process. The inpatient facility provides 24-hour supervision and little interaction with friends or family outside the facility. Time inside the facility is structured and includes meetings with a counselor, workshops, education, and group therapy. Some facilities also include holistic therapies to aid in healing the mind and spirit, and enhance the addiction treatment recovery.

As an inpatient, the person is free from their usual routine and allows someone else to structure their day while they learn to make lifestyle changes to allow them to live a sober life. Since the triggers that “fuel the urge to use” are removed, participants can begin to learn life skills that were compromised while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition, the individual receives the benefit of being part of the “therapeutic community” since the clients have a built in support system of other people who understand addiction and are trying to stay sober. This is often one of the best benefits that  helps clients overcome addiction while completing drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

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As the history of addiction treatment evolves, one thing remains evident; inpatient rehab is a safe environment for addicts to regain their health, and is successful in providing lasting recovery.

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