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If you have decided to seek treatment for addiction we are here to help. But first, there are several effective components of addiction treatment you need to understand before making a final decision on a facility.  We have a unique approach to drug and alcohol treatment programs. Our professionals believe that an addict should take control of their recovery through spiritual and self-empowerment. Counselors and staff will sit down and cover all of the available choices for your specific situation and help you set up a treatment program that is right for you.

Some Initial Components of Addiction Treatment

Components of Addiction TreatmentAn effective treatment program begins with detox and withdrawal.  Therapy and counseling will not be successful if you are still under the influence of mind-altering drugs or alcohol.  There are two available options for recovery.  The traditional detox for those with less severe addictions, and the medical detox for those with more severe addictions. The medical detox can help ease the withdrawal symptoms for those suffering from addictions such as heroin.

Once an addict has gone through detox and have met the criteria they will transfer to the primary facility. There they will begin their treatment program, and other components of addiction treatment such as various therapies and counseling sessions.  Addiction damages mind, body, and spirit therefore our treatment programs offer therapies to help with the healing of all three.  Our Spirit rehab provides the choice of five different tracks, or paths.  We offer Holistic rehab, Cognitive rehab, Faith-based rehab, Self-help or 12-step program rehab, and Native American Spirituality rehab.  We never push a belief system on our clients because we prefer to allow them to choose their own path to recovery.

Group and individual therapies play a very important role in the recovery journey. In these therapies, our clients learn how to deal with the feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse. All feelings that are left behind by the addiction after the drugs and alcohol are no longer present to numb them out.  These therapies are also combined with Inventory and Self-Discovery which takes a look at the addiction from start to finish.  Our clients learn where and why the addiction began and are encouraged to talk about the step-by-step process that ended with them in rehab.

Life Changing Addiction Rehabilitation

The staff at works with clients to teach them how to take better care of their bodies.  We provide on-site exercise facilities, massage and acupuncture to aid in the withdrawal and recovery process.  We also provide our clients with vitamins and teach them about the nutrition their body needs for the healing process.

Once the decision is made to seek help for your addiction, please call and let our friendly and professional staff assist you in choosing a treatment program that is right for you.  The journey to a drug-free life is a long one. It is well worth it to enjoy a life free from the restraints of addiction. If you would like to learn more about the components of addiction treatment, we are here to give you all the information you need to help with your decision.

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