When taking into account a person being in pain, self-medicating does indeed help. Now whether or not substance abuse should be used as an excuse to do so is very controversial. Many people use having a pity party as a way to feel better. In the long run, feeling better will only make you feel worse. Others will argue that self-medicating is just as bad as any other form of medication.

Indeed prescription drugs are substances that can harm you as much as any other addiction. Please note: Nothing in excess is ever good for you. Yes, it is a temporary aide in comfort, but it will not help erase your active problems. No matter what form of addiction you have, the thrill of it subsides when the well runs dry.

Making Excuses to Justify Your Self-Medicating Actions

One of the first signs that you have a problem is when you begin to make excuses to justify why you are being abusive to yourself. Spending your whole paycheck at the race track gambling will clearly raise eyebrows when bills need to be paid. The whole reason you went to the race track to gamble in the first place was because you were upset you lost your job. A week later you have gambled all of your money away, the hope and rush are still there, but you are even more down and out than before. That was just one of many examples why someone would think self-medicating helped.

Five Reasons Why Getting Treatment is a Good Idea

  • When you are not feeling good, others around you don’t feel good either. Even if you feel like your family does not care, they generally care more than you can imagine. Remember they are the ones who have to watch you go through the pain.
  • The amount of money you spend on substances could have been saved and invested in something more beneficial. If you look back at how much money you have spent while self-medicating, you will be shocked.
  • You owe it to yourself to keep your body in top notch condition. Drugs and pollutants slowly break you down, the more you consume them. No matter what form of addiction you have, it is bad for your health. Your mind and body can’t endure but so much at one time.
  • Self-medicating is only a temporary resolution to a larger issue. By getting the proper help, you are coping with your issues responsibly. You may find it easier to deal with things head-on rather than push them away.
  • Seek treatment solely because you want help. Nobody can force someone to change when they are not ready. Accepting reality and knowing you have a problem is a good sign you may need treatment.

Seek Inpatient Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with alcohol, drug, or a behavioral addiction, seek treatment immediately from an inpatient addiction treatment facility. You can become the person you want to be without having to self-medicate. An inpatient treatment program can give you the tools and skills necessary to face your problems without trying to numb whatever feelings you are having through self-medicating.

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